CenturyLink Email: Everything You Need To Know Toll Free Number 1-888-928-0446

With the change in time, one thing is drastically changing between businesses, and that is competition. To move out of this crowd of competition and to stay ahead from everyone, there are several things that we need to follow and use in our business. Among all those factors, one is data sharing, which is mostly done with the help of some email service providers only. It is our work to choose the best email service providers with the help of which we can make a substantial positive change in our business's life.

Here, we are going to talk about one such email service provider with the use of which we would be able to take advantage of several features, and that is CenturyLink email services. Do follow this till the end to know everything about this email service provider.  

All About CenturyLink Email Services- 

The market is flooded with email service providers, but whenever we talk about CenturyLink email services, they always make us feel stunned by letting us know about the products and services they offer. CenturyLink email services are being appreciated all over the world, but still, they are not stopping anywhere and continuously working to make their email services better than before.   

Let's keep features at one side and talk about the security enhancements. There are several situations when we forget about our email id password, and at that time CenturyLink email services will help you smartly to get back your password without losing your data.  

Benefits of CenturyLink Email Services- 

There are several benefits that you would be able to take advantage of, here is the list of those benefits-

  • You would be able to send and receive messages from one person to another. Moreover, you will never face any issues in delivery or receiving emails.
  • You can add several attachments to your emails, with the help of which you would be able to make your email highly informative.
  • You can add signatures in your emails, with the help of which you can do several office and business-related works via emails only.
  •  You would be able to track mail exchanges, which you can check with the help of CenturyLink email support system easily. 
  •   You can even create your own email folders in which you can keep similar emails easily, and whenever you would need them, you can access them anytime.
  •  You can also add some filters with the help of which you can filter your emails and can find appropriate mails easily. 
  • You can create address books, contact lists, calendar details, and many more such things with the help of features in CenturyLink email setup
  •   There are several customizations also available which you would be able to make in your mailbox, account settings, and many more such places. 
  • You can even create your specific shortcut keys with the help of which you can access a particular feature of our email services directly. 

First of all, how much does this cost? 

Before you head towards the CenturyLink sign-in page, you would have to create an account of this platform. Once you create an account, then you need to choose a plan and make sure that whenever you select a plan, you keep in mind every factor regarding your email services usage.  

Moreover, whenever you are at the CenturyLink email setup page, you would be able to notice that there are two versions, which are the Advanced and Standard versions. If you have a high-speed internet connection, then you can use the advanced version, while if the speed is slow, then you can convert it to the standard version from preference settings.

Does this email service work like every other such platform?

Email services are the kind of factor that can affect our business in both the good and bad ways, but when you are working with CenturyLink emailservice providers, we can assure you that you would be able to handle every email related work professionally and straightforwardly. Along with that, you would be able to take advantage of several additional features, which states that CenturyLink email services is different but better than all other email service providers.  

Can we migrate our older email? 

Yes, we would be able to easily migrate our emails from old email id to this platform with the help of CenturyLink email setup features. Moreover, if we face any issues in doing so, then we can directly reach out to CenturyLink email support system, and hence they will help us in getting rid of any problem.  

Can we create multiple email ids? 

Yes, we would be able to create multiple email ids with the help of this email services platform. But we would have to have a bright look at the plans being offered by these service providers. This is because these plans have a limit of holding particular email ids, so if you want more number of email ids, then you should try to get the most significant possible plan.

Is it secure and private? 

The biggest benefit that you would be able to take advantage of is the security features that are offered to all the customers of CenturyLink email services. This means no one else would be able to have access to your send and received emails, and hence you would be able to keep your data safe.